Utilizing Your Blog More Effectively for SEO

We deal with a lot of blogs at Trafficado–some are done really well, but most are not meeting their full potential (including our own at the moment). Writing content is one of those things that comes naturally for a few, but is quite difficult for many people. If you are having trouble getting started with writing, read this post for tips to get you started writing a blog.  Assuming you have begun writing and are at least comfortable publishing your thoughts, here are some characteristics of a blog that will help take your blog to the next level and increase your website’s benefit from SEO.

Ideas for posts

There are a ton of sources of inspiration for writers. Conversations, real world problems, articles or other blog posts, reviews of products, wandering minds, and a million other sources. But that doesn’t mean that you’ll be flowing with topics to write about and it also doesn’t mean you’ll write about topics your readers will be interested in. Many struggle with this. Throughout the day you may come across several different ideas but don’t think to write down your thoughts or you forget the topic when you sit down to write. To help with this I like to keep a note file on my phone (or a notebook and pen–if you still own those things) and I constantly refer to it throughout the day. This helps me think about topics to write as well as remind me to record those ideas when I come across them. And then when I sit down to write I can review those and start crafting an actual post. Usually I just add drafts with thoughts and then over time work those into a published post. Another way to generate great ideas for your blog is through the use of analytics. As you look through where your traffic is coming from you  can identify what people are looking for. You can identify what they wanted to know and see if you addressed what they were looking for sufficiently.  To do this more effectively you can use HitTail to help automate the process and come up with a systematic solution for post ideas that will help you gain additional organic traffic. They will give you recommendations for topics based on your existing search traffic and their algorithm to identify the best opportunities. The beauty of HitTail is that uses your analytics but is geared towards helping you target blog content so you don’t have to filter through a lot of other information to get keywords that you should be targeting.

 Rel Authorship/Publisher

Another step to taking your blog to the next level is setting up rel authorship. This is the process by which you verify your identity as the author of specific posts with Google. The idea is that Google will favor authors who create high quality content and social engagement. They will also show your image in the search engine results which can help catch the attention of those searching and lead to a higher click through rate. You can do this individually as the author, and then also set up a “publisher” to identify the content coming from your company. Rel Author SERP ImageThere are many posts on how to implement authorship, so I won’t do it here. Check out the following posts:

Search Engine Land: Guide to Google Authorship

Search Engine Journal: How to Setup Google+ Authorship


Invite Guest Bloggers

One common problem with blogs is trying to get enough content published to keep readers coming back. For SEO, the more content you have the better your site will rank for long-tail keywords. But if you can’t produce much content yourself it can be hard to get that additional organic traffic. So one thing that helps is to invite guest bloggers to your site. The goal is to provide consistent high quality content on a variety of topics targeted towards your audience. You probably will need to start off reasonably small inviting people you have good relationships with, but as your blog becomes more authoritative you will have an easier time convincing people to write for you. You may have to explain the benefits of SEO and blogging depending on your industry and guest authors understanding, but most people will understand when you tell them that your site gets traffic and the post they write will link back to their site or social profile to help them gain exposure. Make sure you review posts before they are published (at least until the writer(s) prove themselves if they are going to be writing on a regular basis for you) so you can weed out spammy posts and focus on high quality guest posts that provide real value to your readers.


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