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Pubcon 2011 Presentations Posted Online

Coming back from Pubcon my mind is swollen with all the awesome knowledge shared by presenters and attendees alike. While I know that there was furious note taking and live blogging at the event, I’m a visual guy and it helps me to see the presentation that accompanies my notes. While you could wait for the USB with all the presentations to come out, I though I’d put together a list of all the presentations that have already been posted:

If you know of any I missed, leave a comment and we’ll add them.

Please forgive the lack of organization.

Bonus (other posted presentations mentioned at Pubcon):

Richard Baxter – Automating & Scaling Keyword Research from MozCon


Hardcore Pubcon Prep

Here at Trafficado, we take our Pubcon preparation seriously. To endure 3 days and 3 nights of mind-melting internet awesomeness is no small task. So what did we do to get ready?

Physical Stamina

There are a lot of obstacles that can keep you from rocking Pubcon: jet lag, lack of sleep, poor nutrition, etc. Start off by getting in shape. Here are a few recommended exercises:

Pull Ups

Pull ups

Push Ups

Push Ups

Handstand Push Ups

Advanced Tactic: Handstand Push Ups*

*Less experienced conference goers may want a spotter when performing this exercise

Party Prep

They hold this conference in Las Vegas for a reason: the party possibilities are endless. However, we know a couple skills that you should have to maximize your ROI:


You need something to help you through the night.

Bad Beat

All in with pocket Aces was a great move…until that Jack came out on the river.

Chip Shuffling

Chip shuffling…look good even when you have no idea what you’re doing.

Plan Ahead

Showing up is great, but to REALLY get the most out of Pubcon you need to plan ahead.

    1. Networking – Review your LinkedIn, make a list of people you want to meet, arrange meetings ahead of time. This is your chance to meet the rockstars of internet marketing face-to-face.
LinkedIn Connections
    1. Sessions – Look at the session grid and pick which sessions you will be attending. Some time slots will be a no-brainer, but sometimes you have to choose between “SEO: Hot Topics and Trends” with Stephen Spencer, Jill Samprey and Greg Boser or “Increase Your Post Click Conversion Performance” with George Aspland, Brian Massey and Janet Driscoll Miller.
Pubcon Session Grid



Pubcon is not for the faint of heart, but it you do it right you’ll go home with tons of great new ideas for your internet marketing. And remember, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas!