6 Ways To Supercharge Content Marketing

6 Essential Ways To Supercharge Your Blog Content

It seems like everyone is blogging these days. In fact, people spend 23% of their online time reading blogs and browsing social networks like Facebook and Twitter, so blogging is quickly becoming a part of today’s culture.

So how can you cut through the web clutter, and make your blog post stand out from the rest? More importantly, how can you craft a beautiful, share-worthy post that will entice one-time readers to become loyal brand evangelists?

Supercharge Blog Content Marketing

Here are 11 things every writer should consider doing:


1. Create intriguing and clickable titles

Kids Playing With Cans And String

You don’t necessarily need an Upworthy or Buzzfeed styled headline to grab people’s attention. A powerful title can entice people to click through to your website, which is really important given the statistics. While an average of 8 out of 10 people will read your headline, only 2 of them will actually click through to read your article. The good news is that you can beat those numbers with a bit of practice crafting a great title.

Here are 5 actionable resources for creating a click-worthy headline:


2. Use eye-catching and compelling images

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If compelling titles entice people to click through to read the story, interesting and unique images will most likely make them stay on your site longer.

Be careful with where you get these images, though.

Not every photo found on the internet is available to use, since images have different licenses which can restrict where they can be published. There are a few options for photos, however, including images from stock photography sites like Getty, or photos with a Creative Commons license that you can use with proper attribution.

Here are 3 posts to read about using images correctly:

Here are 5 sites that offer free photos:


3. Build out buzzworthy lists

Buzzfeed List Post

There are a few reasons why I’m in love with lists.

They’re share-worthy (especially when you get into the 50-100 item range), they’re easy to scan, and they’re easy to view on a mobile device. While it’s never a good idea to put all your content eggs in the same list basket, lists can be a great filler between your in-depth articles, and a way to drive some decent traffic.

The format for a list post is simple:

  • Quick introductory blurb about the article.
  • H2 headings for each item in the list
  • Photos or embedded media placed below each item heading
  • Quick blurb below the photos which describes each point


4. Add in embedded media


Text posts are boring, so spice up your blog by adding embedded media. Videos from YouTube and Vimeo, Facebook and Twitter posts, Instagram photos, SlideShare slideshows, Vines, and anything else that comes with an embed code can be added to your posts.

Here are some guides to embedding media in your WordPress blog:


5. Stick to a content calendar

Hubspot Content Calendar

An editorial calendar can let you schedule your resources around future planned events, and also helps you continue writing when you feel like there’s nothing to write about. It doesn’t need to be complex, and in fact, the simpler the calendar system, the more likely you will use it.

Here are 5 content calendar templates:


6. Track the wins with Analytics


Each month, identify your top 10 visited pages in Google Analytics, and brainstorm ideas to repurpose them. If these 10 pages and posts are your site’s most popular pieces of content, expanding them will likely lead to additional traffic opportunities.


What are your go-to tools for blogging? Let me know!