Should I Advertise On My Brand Name?

Whether I’m taking over an existing account or starting a new one for a client, I often hear a very similar question from most companies:

“Why should I advertise on brand terms where I already rank #1?”

This is a valid question and I share the following benefits:

  • Occupy more real estate – If you look at the first page of the search engine results page (SERP) like a piece of land, PPC advertising allows you to occupy more of that space and get more of those clicks.
  • Block the competition – Already rank organically? That’s awesome, but PPC ads can appear above organic ads. Is that a location that you want to let your competitors occupy?
  • Control the message – Organic rankings are great, but Google decides what your listing says (and it changes from time to time). PPC advertising lets you say what you want, how you want, when you want.

Those are great benefits, but many of you are probably thinking about the cost of bidding on branded terms, especially if you have a popular brand. Let’s think about who’s searching for your branded terms.

First, you have loyal/returning customers. I’m guessing you want them to find you. Keeping existing customers is easier than acquiring new ones. If you’re not advertising, your competitor could be stealing these people. Isn’t that worth a few clicks to protect your current customers?

Second, you have new/potential customers. These people have been exposed to the brand enough to remember the name and are now looking for you. They may even be expressing their needs in conjunction with the brand, such as “Kleenex travel packs”. Your home page may rank already, but with that search term, don’t you have better messaging you could use? A more specific page of your site you’d like them to see first?

In conclusion, I recommend that you do advertise on your brand name and branded terms. You will retain more of your current customers and acquire more new customers that are already looking for you.

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