#SEOCHAT: 7 Reasons You Need To Join This Weekly Conversation

Billboards, radio ads, magazine spreads and television spots are all competing for people’s attentions, and the effectiveness of advertising with these mediums is all dependent on your level of spend.

What many business owners, marketing managers and consultants know today is that digital marketing can be an effective and efficient way to communicate with potential customers, while SEO and content are increasingly becoming necessary.

If you want to sharpen your skills in search engine optimization, content marketing, conversion optimization and other digital marketing areas, you should join the weekly #SEOCHAT discussion on Twitter!

SEOCHAT Twitter Marketing


Here are 7 good reasons to participate in #SEOCHAT:

1. It’ll impress your superiors.

The #SEOCHAT Twitter chat takes place each Thursday at 1 p.m. ET. All you have to do is log into Twitter, search #SEOCHAT in the search bar, and join the discussion!


2. It’s free.

Think about this– you could be paying hundreds (or thousands) of dollars to learn about SEO from experts in the field. The weekly #SEOCHAT doesn’t cost anything to join, and the information you’ll walk away with is invaluable.


3. Each #SEOCHAT focuses on a different topic.

The world of SEO is diverse, and each Twitter chat centers around different themes, including social media, content marketing, search engine optimization, eCommerce, conversion optimization, organization, project management and more.


4. It’s a good chance to learn from marketing experts.

Every week, different people in the digital marketing world host the #SEOCHAT, and ask a series of questions that everyone in the chat can have a chance to answer. A few of the acclaimed hosts include Andrew Pincock (Trafficado), Greg Shuey (Stryde), Ash Buckles (IHG), Annie Cushing and others.


5. A recap is posted (if you miss it).

Meetings happen, phone calls come in and work needs to get done. We get it. That’s why we’ll post a recap of each #SEOCHAT right here on Trafficado.com every week, so you can catch up on the latest in SEO and Inbound Marketing.


6. You can network with smart people.

Digital marketing is all about the connections we make with others, and a Twitter chat is the perfect opportunity to network with people. You never know what these networking opportunities could lead to!


7. You can become a thought leader.

Since #SEOCHATs focus on one specific topic each week, chances are you can share your insight and knowledge about that topic and become a thought leader. Do you have experience or a case study to share? Participants in the Twitter chat will undoubtedly learn something from your examples, and the stories you share can challenge others to excel.