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17 Expert Tips For Better Competitive Analysis

Each week, a lively discussion around a variety of Inbound Marketing techniques takes place on Twitter, and it’s called #SEOChat. You can follow and participate in the conversation each Thursday at 10 a.m. PT/1 p.m. ET, as various digital marketing experts weigh in on the topics.

This week, the chosen topic was competitive analysis for link development and content marketing, and was hosted by Greg Shuey of Stryde (who also happens to be the cofounder of #SEOChat). After each chat, make sure you check out the transcript on

SEO And Content Marketing Competitive Analysis Tips

Here are some of the highlights from the discussion:


“How has competitive analysis helped you formulate a backlink and/or content marketing strategy?”

1. “Competitive audits & SWOT analyses really help to show opportunities and hazards to detour, particularly in link building.” – Eric Lander

2. “It helps pinpoint strategies/tactics competitors have used to get links. [Also gives] new ideas for clients. – Alex Peerenboom

3. “For SEO and content, a competitive analysis really shows what I can and should be doing better than my competitors.” – Andrew James


“Which tools are most helpful?”

4. “ahrefs for backlinks, SEMRush for KW research, Buzzsumo for content. Combine the data for insights.” – Jesse Semchuck

5. “I always start with a good ol’ crawl from Moz Open Site Explorer.” – Caitlin Boroden

6. “You can’t beat Google SERPs as the jumping off point for competitive analysis. Search long-tail variations.” – Laura Sultan

7. “PR software like Cision, Vocus and Meltwater is great for finding sites read by a given audience.” – Samuel Scott


“What are the metrics that help you identify quality competitive link opportunities?”

8. “Moz metrics, engagement metrics, then the ‘eye test’. Gotta be relevant.” – Tanner Petroff

9. “In conjunction with domain/page authority, we look at citation flow to determine quality links.” – ThinkSEM

10. “New/Lost link analysis on ahrefs is very helpful. From there, check domain records (and key users) in BuzzSumo. You can learn a lot on who to interact with, what to share, what to write and WHEN to pounce. Also, what to ignore.” – Eric Lander


“What are the metrics that help you determine if a content topic is worth pursuing?”

11. “If it’s going to bring the right traffic to your site, then it’s worth pursuing. Knowing your audience!” – Ty Kilgore

12. “Obvious answer is search volume. Also, is the #1 ranking page good, and can I do better? Is similar content being shared on social?” – Paul Shapiro

13. “Search volume, relevance, number of posts on topic getting links. Where links are coming from, and number of sites getting links on topic.” – Tanner Petroff


“What are the best written resources for rookies in competitive link development?”

14. “Ultimate Guide to Link Building by Eric Ward and Garrett French is great…” – Alex Peerenboom

15. “Buzzstream is really good. Also, this post by Paddy Moogan is pretty amazing.

16. “3 Pillars of SEO Competitive Analysis” by Joshua McCoy. Also monitor their content production.” – Andrew James

17. “[Here’s a] great resource for competitive link development by Neil Patel. – Bruce Clay, Inc.