PPC May Be Hard, But It’s Worth It

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) is an attractive marketing channel for any business due to the immediacy of results and the ability to only target search users at the moment they’re looking for you. However, many companies jump in, lose a few hundred/thousand dollars and then give up on PPC because getting results is too hard.

Effective Tactics Are Difficult

MarketingSherpa published a new marketing research chart today that shows results from their recent 2012 Search Marketing Benchmark Report. The full chart is posted below, but you’ll see that the x-axis represents degree of difficulty while the y-axis represents the level of effectiveness for various PPC tactics:

PPC Tactics Effectiveness and Difficulty

As you can see Highly Targeted Ad Groups, Split Testing Landing Pages and Relevant Copy for Each Ad Group are the most difficult tactics, but they are also the most effective. The relative size shows how popular the tactic is, so despite the difficulty, good ad groups and relevant copy are the most used tactics.

In-House vs. Agency

If you are considering PPC or have seen less than stellar results from your own efforts Trafficado can help. We offer PPC management services for budgets of all sizes so you can get professional PPC management without hiring an in-house resource.

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