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What I Learned At HeroConf 2013

First, I want to point out that I know I’m writing this two weeks after the conference. In my defense, I attended the conference immediately after my honeymoon (and the week of work I took off) so I’m still digging myself out of a hole. Thus, this post is coming a little later than usual. […]

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Google REALLY Wants You To Try AdWords

Back in October Google stock plummeted 9% when earnings estimates failed to meet Wall Street expectations. Google has made a habit of exceeding earnings expectations, so this failure was a big wake-up call. So what does this mean for you as an advertiser? Now Is The Time To Try AdWords Let me explain the history […]

Google Getting Greedier

Over the past few months I’ve noticed Google becoming more and more greedy with data. A few examples: October 18, 2011: (not provided) – Google announces that users logged in to their Google account will be defaulted to the SSL version. This was done for the sake of “user privacy” and Google said it would […]