The Power of Words

Here is a great video to illustrate the power of words. Everyone in the marketing world needs to think about the words they use and how they will be interpreted by those reading them. Selecting the right words can lead to a higher converting marketing campaign. Select your words carefully.


Amazon Announces Kindle Fire

The first real threat to Apple’s iPad dominance was possibly announced by Amazon yesterday. The Kindle Fire looks like a solid alternative to the iPad. Running the Android OS it has some definite benefits. They came in at a $200 price point which is significantly cheaper than the lowest priced iPad (currently $500) which we…
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Why PPC Is A Smart Investment

Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising can be a highly effective channel for increasing traffic and sales on your website. Too often, however, people feel like it’s a matter of PPC versus Search Engine Optimization (SEO). This isn’t really a useful comparison, because any website that would benefit from a pay per click campaign would benefit…
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