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What Google Fiber means for the tech scene in Utah County

Yesterday it was announced that Provo will be the third city to receive Google Fiber, Google’s super-fast Internet service. The announcement came after Mayor Curtis promised he had some “Epic” news to share. Twitter blew up with assumptions as to what the announcement could be, using the #Provoepicannouncement hashtag. Many of the assumptions were comical, but several people suspected Google Fiber.

“Once connected, Provo will be one of the first cities in the world where access to broadband will flow like water or electricity,” Kevin Lo, general manager of Google Fiber said.

Google bought the fiber optic network that was laid years ago for the iProvo project that was never completed. Because of this, they hope to have Google Fiber in every home by the end of the year.

This is cool. But what does it mean for the growing tech scene here in Utah County? Well, first, I think the fact that Google Fiber is setting up shop here is proof and recognition that the tech and startup scene is, in fact, really awesome where we are.

Provo/Orem was ranked number 2 in the nation for the number of patents granted in the country. Don’t believe me that we have hundreds of tech startups here? Check out this list. Oh, and we’ve been rated one of the best places for businesses and careers by Forbes. So for the residents here, it makes sense that Google would join in, and everyone is excited.

With Google Fiber, businesses will have access to the fastest Internet in the world, speeding up downloading and uploading processes. The Utah County tech scene will be on the cutting edge of the future of the Internet.

This will also be a huge incentive for companies to relocate to the Provo area. SAAS companies would especially benefit from the fast Internet that will be offered.

As a startup in the Provo/Orem area, we are excited to see Google Fiber implemented, and even more excited to see the growth it will bring in the future to our neck of the woods.