Amazon Announces Kindle Fire

The first real threat to Apple’s iPad dominance was possibly announced by Amazon yesterday. The Kindle Fire looks like a solid alternative to the iPad. Running the Android OS it has some definite benefits. They came in at a $200 price point which is significantly cheaper than the lowest priced iPad (currently $500) which we think will lead a lot of people to jump into the tablet world  that wouldn’t have otherwise.  The screen is a 7 inch screen (the iPad has a 10 inch screen) which will mean something different to each of us. Browsing is a little less ideal on a smaller screen but the ability to control and to handle can be a little easier.  The other plus is that Amazon can actually compete on their content offering with their music and video collection. And they have perhaps the best book collection because of their standard Kindle base.  In fact, it sounds like they are keeping the Fire at such a competitive price simply to get you hooked on their content network–they may even be taking a loss on the tablet to get more users into their content collection.  And then you have the Android app collection, which isn’t too shabby either. Overall, it has a lot going for it. A lot of questions are still on the table since virtually no one has used the Fire yet, but it’s looking like a promising option for Android tablet users.


A quick summary analysis:


No camera/mic

Only 8 gb memory


Free Amazon Cloud storage

Access to Amazon’s media content network

$200 allows a much cheaper price point to get into the tablet world

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